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It’s hard not to think of tractors when the topic of farm equipment comes up.  Tractors can do a lot of things.  The primary purpose it serves is for hauling trailers and other pieces of farm equipment.  It also has a number of uses too.  They first made an appearance over 100 years ago in 1892.  In Clayton County, Iowa, John Froelich built the first practical gasoline-powered tractor.  It wasn’t until 1911 that they became successful.  Twin City Traction Engine Company perfected the design and brought it into the mainstream.  Little did they know they would make a revolutionary piece of farm equipment.
Tractors weren’t popular at first because they were giant and unaffordable.  The Fordson, the first mass-produced tractor, came out in 1917.  Henry Ford wanted to make his mark on the farm equipment industry.  They grew in popularity over the years to the point where you couldn’t go onto a farm without seeing a tractor or two.  High powered trucks came onto the scene and took a little bit of the luster off the tractors’ reign.  But traditionalists know they can’t have a farm without having a tractor on it.  You might be able to haul more using a gigantic truck, but it’s not going to say farmer as well as a tractor.  People can see you driving down the street in your truck and you blend in with everybody, but if they see you on a tractor, no person in this world is going to doubt what you do.

Self-Propelled Sprayers & Farming Tools

There’s a wide assortment of farming tools available on the market today because there’s a countless amount of different things that need to be accomplished.  They aren’t hard to find.  The term is vague enough to encompass anything you can find on the farm that helps you get things done.  A farmer’s hands could be considered farming tools because they are the most important tools in the farmer’s life.  If a farmer lost the function of their hands, they wouldn’t be able to farm anymore.  Some might say that machines are taking the place of farmers.  While this is true in some cases, there are other instances where it couldn’t be any further from the truth.  A farmer even needs their hands to operate the controls on their machines because the machines aren’t going to do the work all by themselves.
Clearly, you can’t farm without farming tools.  Your hands are capable of doing a lot, but even they have their limits.  In this day and age, it’s amazing and rare to see people who are still farming by hand when they can do so by machine.  You don’t need to spend a lot of money to buy farming tools.  There are some pieces of farm equipment that cost a pretty penny, but don’t look at those as being unnecessary.  They’re investments that could lead to you having a better future through efficient, productive farming.  If you buy the wrong type of equipment for what you need on your farm, you will regret the money you spent.      Add to Delicious Bookmark Farm Equipment Direct at